ReRe (Relax Reminder)

What is ReRe?

ReRe Icon ReRe is an open-source relax reminder. It reminds you a relaxation out of heavy works periodically, especially when working on a computer.

ReRe has multiple notifiers, eg. notify window, lock input, darker screen window.


Softpedia Clean Award     Brothersoft Editor's Pick       Softoxi Clean Award

Editor's Opinion from
ReRe - an easy to use and highly efficient piece of software that reminds you to take a break from your daily work. This reliable and lightweight application is a great tool for any user that works on their computers and wants to prevent various injuries.





  1. Show notify window periodically to remind relaxation. You can make a long relaxation after some short relaxation.
  2. Show pre-notify window 1 minute before relaxation.
  3. Lock input when relaxation.
  4. Show a screen mask when relaxation.
  5. Lock computer or close monitor when relaxation.
  6. Countdown timer can auto pause or auto reset when keyboard and mouse is idle or in fullscreen mode.
  7. Multiple language support (English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese).
  8. Floating countdown window.
  9. System tray icon with visual timer progress.
  10. Operation log.
  11. Startup with Windows.
  12. Time statistics and relaxation statistics.

Donate & Contact

ReRe needs your donation for further development!

Author: YuZhaoYang(于朝阳)
E-mail: [email protected]